Fertility Consultation

Infertility is undoubtedly a stressful state from the diagnosis level, not to mention when the couple decides to deal with it therapeutically. Negative emotions such as anger, sorrow, guilt and disappointment, often overwhelm the couple.

Stress, insecurity and physical fatigue during the assisted reproduction process, can become obstacles in the therapeutic process and directly effect the results of the effort. We firmly believe that providing a multidimensional synthesis of services, covering all aspects of the fertility process, minimizing physical and emotional cost, guarantees the best possible results in our common effort with the couple.

Therefore patient support at Crete Fertility Centre is multi-disciplinary not only in providing the best in counselling and psychology expertise supplementing the highly complex clinical and medical technology strategies for the couple during their treatment.

A team of psychology experts has the responsibility of providing the couple with counselling and support consultation before, during and after treatment, whether successful or not. Counseling is not mandatory and is provided at no extra cost from Crete Fertility Center.

In this very website, we will soon introduce our blog, moderated by a child psychologist medical advisor, to be accessible to first-time parents with advice concerning their new-found 24 hour responsibilities.

Additionally in co-operation with various organizations (such as the Logopedists Society of Athens) we will provide continuous feedback & support on various issues, not only to couples that face infertility, but to young parents, to sustain and develop in an excellent manner the Gift of Life they took home with them from Crete Fertility Centre.

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