Dr. Fraidakis Salutation

Dear friends,

For the past 31 years I have been blessed to witness more than 6.000 couples, leaving Crete Fertility Centre with a baby in their arms, after being treated with the latest in assisted reproduction treatments.

Through my experience though, I have realized that a highly trained doctor and medical staff, state of the art laboratory equipment and clinic are merely the means to a successful miracle of Life.

I realize that the essence of assisted reproduction’s success is the personal involvement we practice through treating each couple as a unique entity. I believe in providing specialized, scientific and ethical advice, tailor made to your individual medical needs in order to achieve optimum results for each couple.

Our priority is offering you custom made solutions, with best practice and methods, following the virtuous paths of security, efficiency and sufficiency.

Our current high success rates, reaching 48% to 52% pregnancy rates, make us very optimistic for the future and we feel assured, that we will help many couples to hold in their arms and embrace healthy and beautiful babies.

Your smile, their smile, is the best reward for us.

Dr Matthaios Fraidakis

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