Reflexology is a completely safe, non-invasive, natural treatment, which can enhance and harmonize the body’s functions and is very useful in improving fertility problems. It can help couples conceive naturally or support them during their assisted reproduction or ovulation cycles. With Reflexology, through various techniques on the soles, better perspiration of the whole organism is achieved and this enhances the absorption of drugs and hormones before in vitro fertilization. Also, the body prepares for the implant better as it helps it to detoxify from the hypersecretion of cortisol and especially the adrenaline produced, due to the stress and anxiety that this whole process creates.

Reflexology can be applied to women and men and can be combined at the same time with other treatments without interference and there are no contraindications. Reflexology sessions are performed by the certified Reflexologist of our unit, who has many years of experience and specialized knowledge on alternative therapies and psychology.

If you have already started or you are about to start an in vitro fertilization procedure, you can also follow the holistic method, as it will help you maximize your chances of conceiving and significantly strengthen your body and your psyche. Reflexology sessions, which will coincide approximately with embryo transfer, increase the chance of success, making the implant more successful.

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